H&M's New Plant-Based Garms

hm con 19.jpeg

We want it all

H&M have launched their new Conscious Exclusive collection with some incredible new sustainable materials!

The plant-based materials, new for this season, are Piñatex®, a natural leather alternative made from cellulose fibers extracted from pineapple leaves, BLOOM™Foam, a plant-based flexible foam using algae biomass, and Orange Fiber®, sustainable silk-like fabrics made from citrus juice by-products. WOW.

We’ll take one of each, thanks. We are seriously impressed with this high-street retail giant making such big leaps into sustainable fashion, so we’ve popped a few of our fave pieces below, and THEY. ARE. BEAUTIFUL.


We’re in love with the entire collection & know our bank accounts are about to take a hit! Get yourself over to H&M and discover all of their Conscious clothes & accessories this season!




Images: hm.com

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